UK Redox Flow Battery Meeting – September 2019

Great UK Redox Flow Battery Network Annual Meeting hosted by Dr. Kathryn Toghill and her group at Lancaster University. There were lots of great talks and collaborations to push forward the research in redox flow batteries in the UK. Looking forward to the next meeting!

London Energy Materials & Devices Hub (LEMD) Meeting – June 2019

Thanks to all participants of the London Energy Materials and Devices Hub meeting! Great event with fantastic talks and posters! Thanks also to the Royal Society of Chemistry and the STFC Batteries and UCL Chemical Engineering Department for supporting this event.

Below some pictures of the event. Looking forward to the next meeting!

Good luck in your new postdoc, Maria!

All the best to Dr Maria Crespo in her new postdoc adventure at Prof. Titirici’s group at ICL. Thanks for your great job on flow batteries during this last year, and thanks to CAM-IES for supporting this project in collaboration with Dr. Jervis and the EIL.