Hui Luo

Hui Luo did her undergraduate study in Donghua University, School of Material Science and Engineering with Prof. Guang Li (June 2015). Her topic was “The Synthesis of Pt/C Catalyst and its Application in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell”. Her PhD project is co-supervised with Prof. Magdalena Titirici, and mainly focuses on designing carbon dots decorated TiO2 thin film with special structure, to achieve high performance towards photocatalytic water splitting. Her study is funded by the China Scholarship Council since September 2015.

My project is about to produce chiral nematic mesoporous titania film by using nanocrystal cellulose as template, and then hybridise it with bio-derived carbon quantum dots. I will investigate the changes of its photocatalytic property brought by the unique structure, and use it as photocatalyst for water splitting. Here is the SEM image o chiral nematic nanocrystal cellulose.