Dr Jorge Pavel Victoria Tafoya

After accomplishing a B Sc in Chemical Engineering (2007), a M Sc in Physical Engineering (2015), and almost 9 years of teaching an research collaboration at The University of Michoacán (México); Pavel arrived to this Research Group at SEMS awarded with a scholarship of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) and the National Bureau of Energy (SENER) in order to pursuit a Ph D in Materials Science. His research project focused on the synthesis of B-doped graphene nanoribbons and their application as a ORR catalyst in PEM-Fuel Cells. He also explored the decoration of freestanding electrospun carbon fibres with iron phthalocyanine for ORR applications showing excellent performance in alkaline media. Pavel successfully defended his PhD thesis in July 2022 and will be working as an academic back in Mexico University. Best of luck Pavel in this new stage of your career and congratulations!