Dr Mauricio Murillo Herrera

Mauricio joined the group as PDRA in June 2022. He studied chemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico with focus on computational chemistry (QTAIM analysis and computational thermochemistry) and organic synthesis (carbohydrates). Then he was awarded a CONACyT scholarship to do his PhD at the University of York studying the applications of deep eutectic solvents in catalysis and the development of redox-active ionic liquids for energy storage applications. After that, he took a small postdoctoral position at York, to do research on Pd-catalysed oxidation reactions harnessing the redox-active ionic liquids designed previously during his PhD.

His work at QMUL is focused on the characterisation of freestanding electrospun fibres of carbon-based electroactive materials for their application as electrodes in redox flow batteries, including the testing of materials in full cell configuration, using electrochemical techniques, microscopy, and spectroscopy.

Contact: l.m.murilloherrera@qmul.ac.uk