Vanessa Gonzalez Guerrero

Vanessa joined the Research Group at SEMS on September 2023. She was born in Mexico, from where she accomplished her degree in Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (2021) in the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), while simultaneously, volunteering in a hospital working as a student pharmacy technician. Her bachelor´s thesis was on the synthesis of hydrogels from polymeric and anti-inflammatory prodrug for potential topical applications. She is part of a dual MRes program between Queen Mary University of London and the School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (UABC, Mexico). Owing to this, she was awarded the CONACyT scholarship to complete her studies. Her research project focuses on manufacturing and test degradable mesh materials, which include carbon nanodots that are intended to release reactive oxygen species (ROS) upon light illumination and kill bacteria on instruction.