Stiven Lopez Guzman

Stiven studied his BSc in Nanotechnology Engineering (2019) at Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana (Medellin, Colombia). During his undergraduate program, he collaborated with MSc students on the electrospinning of LFP fibers for battery applications. After completing his undergraduate degree, Stiven worked for a year in industry. He started his MSc degree during 2019 and recently his research focuses on the development of carbon materials derived from bacterial cellulose, produced from bio-waste sources, used as freestanding electrodes for supercapacitors and anodes for batteries. As part of a joint project between QMUL and UPB, Stiven joined Dr. Ana Sobrido’s research group (Newton foundation). During his short research stay at QMUL (November 2021- February 2022), he focused on the surface modification of bacterial cellulose and fabrication of biomass derived electrospun fibers for their application in energy devices such as supercapacitors and redox flow batteries. His research interests are driven by the crescent need of finding alternative renewable materials for sustainable energy storage applications.