Hande Alptekin

Hande is a Chemical Engineer and received her education at the Ege University, Turkey. After graduation in 2013. She then joined the Material Science and Engineering department at the Izmir Katip Celebi University, Turkey and worked on the Analysis of tuneable wetting properties of modified natural mineral powders. Hande is a PhD student supervised by Professor Magdalena Titirici and co-supervised by Dr Ana Jorge since January 2017. Her PhD focuses on the investigation of the Structure-Performance Correlations and the Na storage mechanism in biomass derived hard carbons using in operando techniques in sodium based battery systems. The carbon materials synthesized via  Hydrothermal carbonization method (HTC) that have different morphologies, functional groups and graphitisation degrees will characterise by HRTEM, XPS, TPD, Raman and XRD. She will test material`s electrochemical performance in both in half and full cell configuration and monitor of the structure dynamics with ex-situ and in operando measurements.