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New Review Article – J Energy Chem 2020

New article on Journal of Energy Chemistry, in collaboration with UCL and ICL:

Electrospinning as a route to advanced carbon fibre materials for selected low-temperature electrochemical devices: a review

A comprehensive review on the use of electrospinning to design carbon-based materials for their application in energy storage and conversion devices. Great work by Vivian (Yue Wen) and led by Rhodri Jervis.

Kick-off Meeting Newton Fund Institutional Links with Colombian partner UPB

On Thursday 29th October,  we held the kick-off meeting of our Newton Fund Institutional Links project with the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, from Colombia. The project will explore the use of bacterial nanocellulose grown from Colombian biomass waste to produce materials for energy storage technologies, including Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors, and will support three early career researchers. The meeting was a success and can’t wait to do lots of great since together.

Ana’s Future Leaders Fellowship officially announced!


Twitter card: photo of Ana Belen Jorge Sobrido with name and Queen Mary University of London and #UKRIFLF written next to it.

On Thursday 15th October 2020, it was officially announced that Ana has been awarded a Future Leaders Fellowship! The FLF will start in February 2021 for a duration of 4 years in the first instance, with possibility of extension for further 3 years. Ana is very happy for this achievement and grateful to the UKRI and FLF scheme for this opportunity. Her research programme will focus on the design of sustainable electrodes for advanced flow batteries.

Great meeting UK – Indonesia National Battery Research Institute (NBRI)

Fantastic online meeting today with colleagues at the National Battery Research Institute (NBRI) and the Minister of Research and Technology of Indonesia, who gave an insightful talk about Indonesian energy storage landscape and the UK-Indonesia joint activities. Glad to be part of the NBRI expert panel. Looking forward to many projects together.