Great Online UK RFB Annual Meeting – 6th July 2020

We had a great UK Redox Flow Battery Meeting yesterday, with lots of interesting talks and posters. Kathryn Toghill and the rest of the committee did an amazing job organising the event! I enjoyed listening to so much good research on flow batteries in the UK and abroad. Also, our Gengyu gave his first talk on Solar Flow Cells and got lots of interesting questions from the rest of participants. Well done Gengyu! Looking forward to the next meeting! 

New publication with Qian in collaboration with Magda Titirici, Hui Luo and Petra Szilagyi -Trends in Chemistry

Carbon Dots in Solar-to-Hydrogen Conversion

H. Luo, Q. Guo, P. Szilagyi, A. Belen Jorge, M. Titirici, Trends in Chemistry 2020

Solar hydrogen production from catalytic water splitting is one of the many options available to help generate clean power and alleviate the threatening environmental concerns stemming from the use of fossil fuels. During the past decade, carbon dots (CDs) have shown great potential in their application for solar-driven hydrogen production owing to their exceptional photophysical and electrical properties derived from their sp2/sp3 hybridized core structure and rich surface functionality. In this review, we correlate the structural features of CDs with their optical and electronic properties and evaluate key properties for efficient solar energy-conversion applications with an emphasis on photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis, to shed some light on designing high performance CD-based photosystems.

UK Redox Flow Battery Meeting – September 2019

Great UK Redox Flow Battery Network Annual Meeting hosted by Dr. Kathryn Toghill and her group at Lancaster University. There were lots of great talks and collaborations to push forward the research in redox flow batteries in the UK. Looking forward to the next meeting!