Collaboration with NPU Results in a Publication in Science – July 2023

A collaboration led by NPU’s academic Prof Xuanhua Li in collaboration with Dr Ana Sobrido has resulted in a publication in Science, In situ photocatalytically enhanced thermogalvanic cells for electricity and hydrogen production.

In thermogalvanic cells, temperature-driven concentration gradients of redox active species can lead to a potential difference that can produce electricity. This work describes a pioneering system combining electricity generation with H2 production by harnessing energy from solar radiation.

The photocatalytically enhanced thermogalvanic devices were demonstrated through an in situ–induced photocatalytic process that produced a continuous concentration gradient of FeCN4– and FeCN3– ions on both hot and cold sides. The system displayed a photocatalytically enhanced thermopower of 8.2 mV K−1 accompanied by simultaneous solar-driven water splitting with an STH efficiency of up to 0.4%.

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