EPSRC First Grant

Dr A. Belen Jorge has been awarded with the prestigious EPSRC First Grant, starting in September 2017. Her proposal to develop new bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts was ranked first by the panel met the 25th April 2017. This is fantastic news! A new PhD student starting in October will design new composites combining N-doped C and transition metal oxide perovskites. In situ Raman-Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy studies will be conducted in collaboration with LISE, Universite de Pierre et Marie Curie (Sorbonne, Paris), and stability tests and scale-up strategies are envisaged with our industry partners, ITM-Power and PV3 Technologies Ltd. With our other academic partner, UCL, specifically, the Electrochemical Innovation Lab, led by Prof. Dan Brett and Dr. Paul Shearing, we will looking into 3D-connectivity of the components (N-doped C and perovskites), but also porosity and degradation tests.


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